About King Stanley


King stanley dub reggae songwriter

King Stanley is a singer song writer producer from Birmingham UK. Producing his own blend of rhythmic reggae songs with a unique swinging style, songs like – Wot a Heat, Reach Further, Africa, There’s A Land, Water Come.

Musical Background

From the age of 10 King was motivated by early sounds of Studio One, Bob Marley, Dennis Wilson, Aggravators among many other Jamaican talents. By 13 he was playing bass guitar learning the organ and bursting with a desire to develop into an artist.

Later influenced by the UK Reggae Movement with prominent bands like,  Aswad, Steel Pulse, Beshara, Misty in Roots Matumbi amongst others. This led to forming RNT which incorporated modern vibes mixed with the old style, signed to London Records & Sony. Producing Songs like bad bwoy amongst others, the untimely death of the well known PR Manager Erskine Thompson led to a break in RNT Music.

King is currently working on his debut album Broken Lands with several  tracks on it on release this year previously releasing 10” There’s a Land. A Rendition of Satta Amassagana Released from the United States.  Four more releases are due this year.

King is also collaborating on other projects with artist’s inc Iziah Davies aka Bush, Lalibella and Prince Jamo releases due.

Spiritually guided and enlightened by RA the Mother of Creation Blessings be upon descendents of Jacob ONE LOVE.